Introduction to Home Economics

Home economics focuses on the acquisition of knowledge and the development of skills and attitudes that will enable students to take control of their lives at present and in the future.


Areas studied include;

  • Food Studies
  • Social and Health Studies
  • Consumer Studies
  • Textile Studies
  • Resource Management

In addition to the above 5 key areas of study students take one elective / option from the following list;

  • Childcare Option
  • Design and Craftwork  Option
  • Textiles Option

The option studied in Columba College is Design and Craftwork.


Class tests on topics completed and assessment of practical work will account for the grade awarded on progress reports throughout each of the years at Junior level.

Formal State Examination — Junior Certificate

  • Design and Craftwork Option accounts for 15% of the overall grade awarded. This project will commence in term 3 of 2nd Year.
  • Food Studies Practical Exam — This accounts for 35% of the overall grade. The exam takes place at Easter of 3rd Year. It is a 1 1/2 hour exam assessed by an examiner appointed by the State Exams Commission. Students will know what they are cooking in advance of the exam.
  • Written Exam — This accounts for the remaining 50%. This section will be completed in June of 3rd Year with all other subjects studied. It is a 2 1/2 hour exam covering the topics outlined.

Useful Tips

  • Ensure that you know and understand the keywords for each topic / section
  • Create Spider diagrams / mind maps for each topic. Your study of the topic is not complete until you have done so.
  • Make use of exam questions after you have studied a topic/section. Practise questions keeping to the time suggested
  • Make a study plan / timetable for each term revising the topics completed during the term using strategies 1, 2 and 3 above!
  • Practical work — Do implementation and evaluations exercises for good studies practical classes that night and file carefully in your folder. Practise tasks in Food Studies.
  • Remember practise makes perfect and can also improve your confidence.

Useful websites for students