Mathematics aims to develop mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding needed for continuing education, life and work. By teaching mathematics in contexts that allow learners to see connections within mathematics, between mathematics and other subjects, and between mathematics and its applications to real life, it is envisaged that learners will develop a flexible, disciplined way of thinking and the enthusiasm to search for creative solutions.



Leaving Certificate

Higher Level:                                     Ordinary Level:                                     Foundation level:

Paper 1: 2 ½ hrs.                              Paper 1: 2 ½ hrs.                                   Paper 1: 2 ½ hrs.

Paper 2: 2 ½ hrs.                              Paper 2: 2 ½ hrs.                                  Paper 1: 2 ½ hrs.


Junior Certificate

Higher Level:                                     Ordinary Level:                                     Foundation Level:

Paper 1: 2 ½ hrs.                                Paper 1: 2 hrs.                                     1 x 2 hr. paper

Paper 2: 2 ½ hrs. .                               Paper 2: 2 hrs.


5 tips on how to study the subject

  1. Go to class and listen in class.
  2. Take down all examples and do corrections on homework.
  3. Ask questions in class.
  4. Do your homework (practise makes perfect).
  5. Practise doing exam papers.


3 Useful websites for students ( for past maths exam papers and solutions) (for past maths exam questions by chapter) (for syllabus, notes, examples, worksheets)