Senior Cycle Music

Columba College aims to provide sufficient musical knowledge and understanding to enable students to practise listening and composing with greater proficiency and interest, to support performing skills with a more informed awareness of the related and necessary knowledge and understanding and to develop an understanding of how music contributes to the social, historical, technological, economic and cultural aspects of life

Leaving Cert’ Music Course Content

>Performance 25%  Perform 3 pieces in any style on 1 instrument/voice, solo or group

>Composition 25%

>1 and a half hour paper with 2 questions Listening 25% Elective 25%


The structure of this syllabus follows the Junior Certificate outline with three essential activities in performing, composing, and listening. Supporting skills and studies, e.g. music reading, analysis, dictation, historical and contextual knowledge, are included under one or more of these headings. Each student is required to study all three essential activities.