Education Opportunities in Columba College

In our current climate a third level education is paramount to a successful job interview. Presently there is a huge amount of opportunities for adults who feel they didn’t make full use of their first chance in education.

Over the past few years a range of programmes has been developed to facilitate adults who want to return to education. Columba College gives learners a second-chance to achieve an education. All of the course material in Columba College has a friendly and adult feel to them. Your needs are respected in a personalised and caring manner.

Columba College offers full-time further education programmes for adults and young people. Courses offered include: Sport and Recreation, Business Studies and Nursing Studies at QQI Level 5.

All Columba Colleges courses are nationally recognised certificates which qualify successful learners to apply to college and jobs in their area of study.

People who are unemployed or have medical card will be entitled to free tuition. Those who are unwaged and do not have a Leaving Certificate will be entitled to a reduction in fees. The remainder will be charged fees. If applicants wish to avail of their entitlements they should go to and contact their local social welfare office.


Nursing Testimonials

The following are testimonies from Columba College PLC Nursing Students these students all attended the same course but their journeys to, during and after Columba College are very different. Sharon Smith a mother of four said the following;

As a mother of four I never thought I would be studying again after 28 years out of school, the biggest challenge was stepping into the classroom again. I did the Pre Nursing Studies and it has given me the confidence and encouragement to go and apply for Nursing and Social Studies in college. Before I did this course I wouldn’t have dreamed of going to college but I think for anyone young or older this is a great stepping stone to your new life   — Sharon Smith

Sharons’ story reflects the story of many in our society, she pushed through her fears and planed her life to achieve her goals. Ceire and Sophie Casey, two young and enthusiastic student had this to says;

It was a last minute decision to apply for the course and I was thrilled to get called for an interview and was then accepted on the course. With doing this course it has set me up for what I want to do further in college. It is a great learning experience as well as an achievement to accomplish this course as I have had a tough year, but with doing the course it has kept me motivated and I have learned to try stay positive about things and to look forward for the future. I intend to further my studies in college as a mature student or as a FETAC student to study as a paediatric nurse or midwifery as I am very passionate about doing this. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and gained a lot of experience and knowledge.   — Sophie Casey

My year at Columba College has given me a better insight into nursing. I’ve gained a greater knowledge and understanding of it not only through classes, but through field trips and work experience. It has also helped open doors for me. I have just been notified that I have gained a place in Scotland to study Psychiatric Nursing in September.   — Ceire Casey

Business Testimonials

The following are testimonies from Columba College PLC Business Students. These students are all different ages and from different backgrounds however got knowledge and experience which will allow them to go on their different.

Victor Paul and Jackie Langton who returned to school after many years said

Last time I was in school was in 1993 I was 13 years old and to come back after a long time was hard for me as I didn’t know what it would be like to be back. However, I enjoyed learning new things like how to use SAGE accountancy package, how to start up a new business along with making new friends. I would recommend the course to everyone. I have applied to do a FETAC Level 6 next year   — Victor Paul

My name is Jackie, I attended a Business Studies Course in Columba College in Killucan, Co. Westmeath. As a mature student I found the course extremely beneficial as I intend to start my own business in the next year. The course gave me great confidence and positivity for my future career. I doubted myself that I could do this, but I actually enjoyed every minute. I made great friends and gained knowledge beyond what I expected.
I would recommend any person young or old, to go do a course; it’s amazing how it can change your life for the better.   — Jackie Langton

Eibhin O’Meara and Shannon Sweeney who had just completed their Leaving Certificates and who were confused on where to go next stated

Before this course I was a 17 year student finishing the Leaving Certificate with no notion of what to do in the future. I had an interest in business throughout school. When I heard about this course, I thought it would be very interesting and decided to take iron.
Throughout this course I found my confidence building while interacting with various age groups. The different modules were very interesting and gave me a better insight into the business world!
Certain areas such as, Work Experience were a great benefit.
As an 18 year old student, I’ve felt this year course has proved to give me a great insight into the different areas of Business. I’ve now decided to begin hunting for a summer job and begin to save for a different Level 6 PLC Course ‘Fire Brigade and Ambulance’. I hope this will be a successfully opportunity for me in the future.
I would like to thank all staff and tutors in Columba College for their kindness and help throughout the year.   — Eibhin O’Meara

I did the FETAC level 5 course in Columba College this year. I studied Business Studies. From doing this course it has helped me out a lot. I only finished my Leaving Certificate last year and I wasn’t ready to go straight to university. So I am working my way up in the education system. Since doing a level 5 FETAC course here in Killucan, I have gained so much confidence. I also found that the teachers are a great help. I would recommend this course to anyone especially people who are coming back into education after so many years.   — Shannon Sweeney

Sports & Recreation Testimonials

The following are testimonies from Columba College PLC Sport and Recreation Students. This course shows very successful and the three students testimonies below are a credit to the school

After finishing my Leaving Cert, I was completely unsure about what I was going to do the following year. There didn’t seem to be any college courses that intrigued me and I decided to put off going to college until I could find a course that was really appealing. I applied for Columba College’s Sports and Recreation PLC course because I felt it would be a tremendous learning experience and it would give me something to occupy my time rather than lazing around at home. It has been an excellent year at Columba College and I’ve found it to be an extremely beneficial experience.
I have acquired a number of different skills throughout my year at Columba College that I feel will only be advantageous for me as I grow up. I would recommend any young person who is unsure of where to take their future to consider taking up a PLC course. I now intend on taking up Video and Film at Dundalk IT next year and I’d like to offer my deepest thanks to everyone at Columba College for giving me the chance to really enjoy this past year.   — Dean Weynes

I have done this course because I felt that I was too young to go to college this year. As I got my course that I wanted I deferred it as I wanted to gain experience and get to know what it was like and how different it was from secondary school .I also thought this particular course would be very beneficial to me as the college course I am going on to do is in the same area as my course. Also the course I am doing contains work experience so I thought it would be able to help me decide what area I could get involved in and what type of work suited me.
I have learned a lot from this course, I have made new friends, I gained the experience and I got an insight in to doing assignments on my own, I am glad I did this course as I feel that I am ready to go on to college and progress in a course that I think will be beneficial to me to find work when I finish college. Would I do it again? Yes I definitely would because you meet new people from different backgrounds; you make new friends and learn new things   — Nathan Byrne


These testimonies are only some of the life changing stories from students of Columba College. This college strives to set all of its candidates in the direction and paths which they are suited to most and where they feel they will have a long happy career.
Throughout the year students get hands on experience with the industry in which they study.

  • Business studies students visit and get work experience in hotels, shops, marketing companies IT companies and other businesses.
  • Nursing students visit and participate in work experience in hospitals and nursing homes.
  • Sport and Recreation students visit and participate in GYM activities.

This networking with businesses allows students to not only gain insight into the world of work but integrates their classroom theory with practical examples.

The staff and teachers in Columba College are available to answer any questions or queries you may have. To apply or just to get your questions answered, you can do any of the following …

Call the college office on 044 937 4107
Email us at
Apply Online.