Canteen Facilities

Columba College is delighted to be in the position to offer pupils a snack, choice of a piece of fruit and a bottle of water at small break. We also offer a hot lunch and a bottle of water at lunchtime too. This addition to the school has transformed the school day for pupils as a hot meal helps there focus and concentration in class. Meals provided are healthy and nutritious and include a range of options from Hot Chicken Rolls, Chicken Curry, Lasagne, Pasta Carbonara, Mexican Chicken Rice and much more.


iPads are used actively in Columba College and currently 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year students use iPads in the classroom. We now live in a digital age and our pupils have grown up surrounded by technology. We need to embrace ICT and incorporate it into all aspects of our teaching and learning. To assist with the use of iPads in the classroom, Columba College has the fastest possible broadband installed and every room is furnished with overhead projectors and Apple Tvs. This is a very exciting time for pupils and staff alike and allows us to lead the way in attaining the highest academic standards while utilising all available modern mediums techniques and methodologies. The use of iPads in our classrooms is a key step in our journey to provide the highest standard of teaching and learning in Columba College.

Library & Reading Room

The school has recently opened a fully equipped library which offers pupils the opportunity to borrow a variety of books. This will work in conjunction with our reading and literacy initiatives in the school. A space has also been developed in the school where pupils can read in a quite environment.

Homework Club

Homework Club is available after school and offers pupils the appropriate environment to complete homework and study. It’s becoming increasingly popular as pupils see the benefit of a structured setting in which they can complete their work and study with a fully qualified teacher on site to aid them. The School Completion Programme currently fund Homework Club from 4:15 to 5:45 three evening a week.