7. Autism Unit

In September 2018, Tír na Realtaí was established in Columba College. This specially designed classroom environment caters for students with Autism and is integrated into the centre of the school complex and student life. Students are encouraged through a buddy system to get to know and integrate with other students in their year and within the school student population. Students are encouraged to develop their life skills towards becoming independent further down the road once they leave school. The learning environment is further supported with round the clock teaching and SNA support, whereby students are encouraged using the “grow model” of education approach which caters for and supports individual educational and personal needs as they emerge. Furthermore, Tír Na Realtaí makes every effort to get to know both students and parents to ensure continuous support is provided where needed. Parents are made feel welcome and their concerns are always listened to with a view to developing positive pathways for all students.

Sensory Room

Columba College was delighted to introduce a new sensory room to our school community during the 2019-2019 academic year. It is a specially designed space that amalgamates a range of stimuli to help students of all abilities, to develop and engage in their sense. It is a safe and distracting environment for students to return to a state of calm when feeling overwhelmed and in need to relaxation and de-escalation. It comprises of a variety of sensory stimulation such as a large bubble tube, calming music, tactile surfaces, mood lights, an infinity tunnel, bean bags, soft framed mirror, light projector and much more. This valuable resources allows students time out to relax and regulate when required so they can participate to the maximum in school life and curriculum.

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