Introduction to Business Studies


Business studies encourages students to develop an appreciation of how their lives are shaped by economic and social factors.  They are enabled to make informed decisions, to better manage their personal resources and to be adaptable, creative, and enterprising.  Business studies also improves their knowledge and understanding of good business practice and of business as a productive activity.

Entrepreneurship enhances the quality of our collective and individual lives, often changing the way we work, communicate and live.  Business provides an awareness, insight and positive attitude to entrepreneurship, demonstrating how it can improve our goods, services and institutions.

Business studies encourages students to develop skills for learning, skills for work and skills for life.  It supports the development of analytical and critical thinking skills, encouraging students to be problem solvers.  It reinforces the development of of students’ numeracy, literacy and digital technology skills by providing a real-life context for their application.  Students will be provided with a set of foundation skills, understanding and personal attributes, which will help them engage with the dynamic business environment and fulfill their potential in their personal and professional lives, now and into the future.

As part of the Junior Certificate students may set up a business to compete in the Student Enterprise Awards.  Students may also take part in the cu@yourschool programme in association with Mullingar Credit Union. This programme offers an insight into personal finance and the role of the Credit Union.

The course itself is divided into three main areas.

  • Personal Finance
  • Enterprise
  • Our Economy

Business is assessed as one common paper as from June 2019.  Also students do a CBA (Classroom Based Assessment) at the end of second year, this is a group project.  Before Christmas in 3rd Year students will do another CBA, this being an individual project.