Modern Foreign Languages-French

The study of modern foreign languages enables students to build on their language learning in English and Irish in primary school and further develops their skills in and enjoyment of using languages. Language learning is accessible to all students and contributes to their cognitive, personal and social growth by enhancing their communicative and thinking skills, as well as their participation in a global society.

In learning foreign languages, students are actively engaged in activities and tasks which integrate the five language skills of listening, reading, spoken production, spoken interaction and writing. As a result, they communicate with increasing independence, confidence and creativity.

A fundamental feature of languages is that they give students access to new worlds and different ways of thinking. Language learning also broadens students’ horizons and enables them to develop a lifelong learning skill for education, leisure and work, and to develop a positive attitude towards other languages and cultures

Junior cycle Modern Foreign Languages Strands

1.Communicative competence

2.Language awareness

3.Socio-cultural knowledge and inter-cultural awareness

Assessment for Modern Foreign Languages

Classroom based assessment 1(CBA1) – Oral communication – This involves the student preparing and delivering an oral presentation, role play or interview

CBA2 – Student language portfolio- Students will be required to keep a language portfolio that includes pieces of work that are of particular interest to students. The CBA2 will be based on the language portfolio.

Final examination will take place during the junior cert exams in June

Tips for learners of Modern Foreign Languages

Keep a note of and learn the key vocabulary for each topic.

Listen to French songs, interviews and Tv programmes

Speak French as much as you can. It does not matter if you make mistakes!

Useful websites for students

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