Introduction to Geography

Junior Cycle Geography

Junior Cycle Geography focuses on providing students with opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills, values and behaviours that allow students to explore the world. This can be achieved through the three interconnected strands: Exploring the physical world, exploring how we interact with the physical world, exploring people, place, and change.

With the changes to Junior Cycle Geography there is now the addition of two classroom based assessments, (CBAs), one to be completed in second year and the other to be completed in third year. There will be a descriptor (grading comment) awarded for these Classroom Based Assessments (CBAs). One of the following descriptors (grading comments) will be applied to student’s work; Exceptional, Above Expectations, In Line With Expectations and Yet to Meet Expectations. This descriptor (grading comment) will appear on your student’s Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (JCPA)


CBA 1 – Geography in the news

Structured inquiry through a response to a recent geographical events

 (Completed in the second term of 2nd year)


CBA 2 – My geography

Structured inquiry into a geographical aspect in a local area

(Completed in the first term of 3rd year)


Assessment Task

The Assessment Task is a written task completed by students during class time. It is not marked by the class teacher, but is sent to the State Examinations Commission (SEC) for marking as part of the state certified examination in Geography.



Useful Tips

  • Reading over and answering questions from past papers can be a great way to see how to get your answers exactly right.
  • Ensure you maximise your abilities using OS maps as they are an integral part of the syllabus and final exam
  • Pay attention in class and get involved as much as possible. Most of your learning and understanding of the subject happens in the classroom.
  • Before attempting your written homework read over all information covered in class that day and highlight any parts you don’t understand and ask about it in the next class
  • When studying Geography make sure to have a set time frame and a precise topic that will be revised. For e.g. in this 30 minutes I will study the formation of Igneous rocks

Useful websites for students

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