Irish – Junior Cycle

Gaeilge as a subject has seen significant change.  In-line with Junior Cycle Reform the subject is taught with the 8 skills at the core: communicating, working with others, being creative, being numerate, managing information and thinking, staying well, managing myself and being literate.  Students are now being taught the language through poetry and literature with the opportunity to create their own personal pieces of work as part of their Junior Cycle grade.  The new course aims to strengthen the confidence of students in all aspects of the language (written, aural, oral and reading) and prepare them with the skills for life-long learning independently outside the classroom.


What will I learn?

• How to develop your skills of communication through Irish

• How to use the what you know and add to it

• How to develop your skills in listening, reading, and speaking in the language

• How to write letters, postcards, essays, and stories “as gaeilge”


Useful Tips

  • Speak as much Irish as possible in class
  • Enter the comórtas for the Gaeltacht scholarship
  • Practice talking with friends and family
  • Watch TG4 some very good programs.


Useful websites for students

Here are some useful websites for you to browse …

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