Introduction to Woodwork

In Materials technology wood you will learn to solve problems especially Design problems and a creative and useful way. Your knowledge and skills will be improved and develop through the processing of materials.


  1. To develop a creative approach to problem solving in the design process through designing, making and evaluating and to promote initiative, enquire and discrimination
  2. To stimulate the development of a range of manipulative skills through processing wood and other materials.
  3. To contribute to the development of graphic and other appropriate communication skills
  4. To promote technological awareness and the exercise of value judgements of an aesthetic, technological and economic nature.
  5. To encourage self-confidence, enthusiasm and a sense of achievement, through the design and execution involved in practical project work
  6. To encourage the acquisition of a body of knowledge appropriate to wood craft and technology through analysis, synthesis and realisation.
  7. To contribute to the pupils appreciation of ecological and environmental factors and use of natural resources.


Course objectives

  1. Acquire knowledge and understanding of the problems associated with the process of designing.
  2. Work within imposed of recognised constraints of material, cost, time, resources and skill.
  3. Derive satisfaction and confidence from designing, making and evaluation projects.
  4. Acquire knowledge and skills associated with jointing techniques, fasteners, fixtures and adhesives.
  5. Display appreciation for the character of wood and other materials through appropriate selection and processing.
  6. Interpret given data and demonstrate graphical and other appropriate communication skills relating to artefact’s or systems using appropriate media
  7. Plan the production of specifies and non-specified solutions
  8. Appropriately finish artefact’s in both surface and applied finishes.
  9. Appreciate the inter-relationship between wood-technology and the environment and technology in general and be aware of relevant technological developments.
  10. Have a knowledge and appreciation of trees in relation to climate and eco-system and the environment
  11. Apply safety standards in planning experimenting and making and in the use of hand and powered tools, equipment and materials.


Useful Tips

  • Practical work in the classroom
  • Studying
  • Answer past exam papers
  • Practice your portfolio writing
  • Studying the Design Process


Useful websites for students

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