Introduction to Religion

Religion is a subject which aims at providing the pupils with a holistic and well-rounded education. The aim of Religious Education within our school is to provide pupils with a framework for encountering and engaging with the variety of religious traditions in Ireland and elsewhere. As a subject it seeks to promote an understanding and appreciation of why people believe, as well as tolerance and respect for the values and beliefs of all. We aim to foster an awareness that the human search for meaning is common to all peoples, of all ages and at all times. We also aim to allow our pupils to appreciate the richness of religious traditions and to acknowledge the non-religious interpretation of life and to contribute to the spiritual and moral development of the pupils in our school.



Religion is a non-exam subject. Most of the work associated with the subject is completed in class, however by encouraging the pupils to engage with the subject and to participate in class projects and discussion can have a positive effect within the Religious Education classroom.