Business Studies

Business is concerned with the understanding of the environment in which business operates in Ireland and in the wider world.  It creates an awareness of the importance of business activity and develops a positive and ethical attitude towards enterprise and its applications in the business environment in both the public and private sectors.  The learning experiences in business develop students’ critical thinking, creative and organisational skills while enhancing literacy and numeracy skills using real-life examples.

Some of the topics studied are:

  • People in the workplace
  • Enterprise
  • Management
  • Insurance and Tax
  • International Trade

Business is useful for careers in:

Business, Marketing, Law, Industry, Accounting, Banking, Book-keeping, Clerical Work, Teaching, Hotel Management, Receptionist, Telephonist, Store Manager, Stockbroker, Sales, Merchandising, Taxation, Customs and Excise and lots more.

Business is assessed at Ordinary and Higher levels.