Construction Studies

Construction Studies is the continuation of Materials Technology Wood into leaving cert. It introduces students to the knowledge and skills associated with construction technology and construction materials and practices. This is achieved through theoretical study and integrated practical projects as well as using Technical graphics skill which provide a basis for the thorough exploration of materials and processes. 


Part I – Construction Theory and Drawing

  • General principles
    •    Substructure
    •    Superstructure
    •    Internal construction
    •    Services and external works
    •    Heat and thermal effects in buildings
    •    Illumination in buildings
    •    Sound in buildings

Part II – Practical Skills

  • Tools
    •    Processes

Part III – Course Work and Projects

  • Workshop/laboratory experiments
    •    Student projects


Break down of marks

Theory: 50% 

  • Answer 5 questions out of 10 including one compulsory drawing question

Day Practical: 25% 

  • A 4 hour exam where you are given a drawing of an item and asked to make that item.

Course work: 25% 

  • The project accounts for 10%, the written Brief accounts for 10% and Experiments account for 5%





  1. To develop a creative approach to problem solving in the design process through designing, making and evaluating and to promote initiative, enquire and discrimination
  2. To stimulate the development of a range of manipulative skills through processing wood and other materials.
  3. To contribute to the development of graphic and other appropriate communication skills
  4. To promote technological awareness and the exercise of value judgements of an aesthetic, technological and economic nature.
  5. To encourage self-confidence, enthusiasm and a sense of achievement, through the design and execution involved in practical project work
  6. To encourage the acquisition of a body of knowledge appropriate to wood craft and technology through analysis, synthesis and realisation.
  7. To contribute to the pupils appreciation of ecological and environmental factors and use of natural resources.