Introduction to Engineering

The course represents a study of a wide range of mechanical engineering materials, processes and technological applications integrated with the acquisition of the manipulative skills and techniques necessary for practical resourcefulness, creativity and design realisation in the execution of work.

It aims to promote an educational knowledge of the materials; and understanding of the process; an ability in safely using the skills and tools to achieve objectives through practical work; initiative in the planning and development of technological projects.


Syllabus and Examination Structure

The syllabus is presented in two sections;

Workshop Processes

This section represents all the practicals processes which may be applied in the school workshop integral with the related theory. The section will carry 300 marks in the examination at both levels. Ordinary and Higher.

There will be 150 marks for a practical examination and 150 marks for assessment of workshop/laboratory work and projects.

Materials and Technology

This section represents the wider knowledge and technology as a whole. In the written examinations this section will carry 200 marks at Ordinary level and 300 marks at Higher level.