iPad in Education — Information for Parents

A New Era for Columba College, Killucan

Today’s classrooms are largely unchanged since the industrial revolution, and yet, the rest of the world has changed enormously since then. To succeed in a competitive global economy, employers are looking for creative staff who are fresh and possess modern skills; they need to be able to work in groups to pose and solve complex problems and be able to communicate across teams and borders. The traditional classroom does not often cater for the needs of today’s students, who learn best when engaged in content and activities that relate to their own lives and experiences. Students can now learn in the classroom and informally through their socially-connected networks.

Why ICT is important


Technology can be integrated into all subject area. More importantly, it enables students to become independent , enthusiastic and empowered learners.


Students will be recognised in the jobs market for their digital skills developed and applied during their time in Columba College


All members of Staff will be able to use this technology to communicate with parents and the local community, giving them the opportunity to be involved in the day-to-day life of the school.


Benefits of using the Technology in the Classroom


Students will undergo continuous assessment as part of the new Junior Cycle and ePortfolios will be part of how students present their work.

Develop Organisational Skills

Students will become more organised and efficient, as they will no longer need to spend as much time at school lockers and taking notes that they could forget. In fact they will never forget their textbook as everything will be in the one place.

21st Century Skills

Students are naturally creative and innovative; they will also develop new critical thinking productivity and leadership skills, which will enable them to be responsible, self-directed learners and employees.

Fun Learning Environment

Students who are engaged in their learning will naturally perform better; technology allows teachers to find ever more ways of engaging the variety of learning styles in their classroom. They will become independent learners and increase the amount of information they take in across all subject areas.


eBooks will replace the traditional heavy text books, leaving students with a lighter schoolbag.

Why iPad?

iPad is the educational professional’s first choice. In fact, iPad hold a staggering 94% of the Educational Market for Tablets.

Let the change commence…

This initiative will be in place for students enrolling in first year 2016


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