Introduction to History

Aims and Objectives

At  Columba College pupils are encouraged

  • to develop an interest and enthusiasm for history
  • to acquire a knowledge and understanding of Irish, European and world history
  • to develop the range of skills essential for the study of history
  • to develop conceptual understanding and the ability to think independently and critically
  • to acquire an informed and critical awareness of their historical inheritance.

The Junior Certificate course is 3 years long and incorporates the major historical Ages and events from Ancient Ireland right up the close of the twentieth century



The History course does not require the completion of a project for junior Certificate and is examined solely by an exam lasting 2hours 30 minutes at both higher and ordinary level.

At Higher Level the exam paper is usually between 15-16 pages in length which is broken into 6 distinct sections;


  1. Pictures
  2. Documents
  3. Short answer questions
  4. People in History
  5. Source question
  6. Short/long answer question


Useful Tips

1: Reading over questions from past papers can be a great way to see how to get your answers exactly right.

2: Have a folder with all your completed essay in it and regularly revise them. The same essay come up very regularly at Junior Certificate level

3: Pay attention in class and get involved as much as possible. Most of your learning and understanding of the subject happens in the classroom

4: Before attempting your written homework read over all information covered in class that day and highlight any parts you don’t understand and ask about it in the next class

5: When studying History make sure to have a set time frame and a precise topic that will be revised. For e.g. in this 30 minutes I will study the life of Leonardo Da Vinci

Useful websites for students