Homework Club

Homework Club has been running in Columba College for the last number of years in conjunction with the School Completion Programme.

It is provided after school from 4:00pm to 5.30pm over three evenings a week.

This service gives pupils the unique opportunity to stay back after school and complete their homework with a qualified teacher present to help them if needs be.

Homework Club Students

Students working and studying during Homework Club

Over the last two years around 50 junior cycle students have availed of Homework Club in the evenings. These students received additional help within their core subjects, English, Irish and Maths, as well as help with Science, History and Geography.

Homework Club focuses and promotes the academic aspects of school while encouraging pupils to get involved in school sports and activities. It provides pupils with a structured environment, allowing them to get into the habit of completing homework and study during a set period of time and to the highest standard the pupils can achieve.

The main users of Homework Club over the past two years have been junior cycle pupils. We have found that promoting Homework Club among incoming first years has been extremely beneficial to them as it makes the transition to secondary school easier. It allows them to familiarise themselves with the school and encourages interaction among each other and students from other years, something which is vital in our school.

Homework Club also contributes to the extracurricular activities within the school. For a half an hour each evening, the students in Homework Club partake in an activity such as Badminton, Computers and various different sports and activities. Badminton is the sport of choice among our pupils and the additional time spent playing Badminton in Homework Club attracts older students to continue to avail of the service.